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Requirement No.310
I am a broker and have the following profiles with me. Please mail me if interested
1. RCSC Girl, 26yrs, Technopark-software engineer, Btech
2. RCSC girl, 23yrs, doing degree, Parents expired, High share
Requirement No.309
I am a marriage consultant.
I have the below profiles with me. Please contact if interested.
1. 2nd marriage, Female, 28, Christian, Orthodox, US settled. Looking for people ready to move to US.
2. 2nd marriage, male, 55, Christian, Orthodox, first Wife deceased. All children married. Looking for caring lady ready to look after home and family.
Requirement No.302
My friend, 47yrs, marthomite christian, male, handsome, financially sound, bachelor, 5ft 3in., good English-speeking, graduate seeks a suitable alliance. Widows also could be considered. Please contact Mr. Thomas John.Tel.0469 2662308. Kumbanad, Pathanamthita(dist.)
Requirement No.297
Alliance invited for our elder son, M.Tech (IIT), Aug 74 /171, God-fearing, Fair; Marthomite, Sr. Software Engineer, TCS; Chennai, We are looking for a good looking; pious & homely girl, with good academics, (Engineers ) and hailing from an ancient & educated Malayalee Christian family having good family status; and who is willing to relocate to Chennai. Qualification: BE/ M Age 26 ^ 30 Years Ht 155 ^167 Cms Colour : Whitish & slim With Regards; Isac; Father.
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